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British landscape artist, Don Vaughan, grew up in London and attended a Chiswick school. When he won a scholarship to Chiswick Polytechnic School of Art, he was given the tools to pursue a career as a junior designer. After graduation, he worked in one of the top London furniture companies, eventually leaving their design studio for a London commercial art studio. After two years in commercial art, he began to spend his free time pursuing work as a freelance artist. Beginning with water colors, gouache, and oils, Vaughan painted country landscape scenes.

His work was exhibited in galleries of London's West End. Vaughan's oil landscapes are often studies of the seasonal effects on the countryside and the manual work of farmers. Nostalgic in nature, his themes reflect a simpler time. Don Vaughan's landscape paintings for sale reflect a feeling of tranquility and longing for the past. Discover the rich quality of vintage and antique landscape oil paintings offered at auction.
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