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Sold at Auction: Joseph Wallace King Vinciata

Alias:Joseph Wallace King


Universally recognized as the Winston-Salem Artist, Virginia-born artist and painter Joseph Wallace King Vinciata is known for creating an estimated 2,000 paintings throughout his distinguished career. He began to sign his paintings simply Vinciata, a pseudonym he adopted from the name of a well-known Florentine castle. These artworks were done in his unique style, with colors and techniques he developed as he studied the Old Masters.

The earliest published record of a Vinciata painting by artist Joseph Wallace King dates back to 1953. While in New York, King met Victor J. Hammer, who had co-founded an art gallery and who helped launch his career. His portrait, The Madonna of the Storm once hung on the Vatican walls. King's Vinciata paintings for sale include depictions of royalty, musicians, and landscapes.  Find artworks from other talented artists and browse collectible portrait paintings for purchase online.
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