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Sold at Auction: William Aiken Walker

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William Walker, an artist best known for his depictions of the South during and after Reconstruction, had his first exhibit at age 12 in his native Charleston at the South Carolina Institute Fair. William Aiken Walker's artwork for sale depicts rural farm hands, city dock workers, and scenes of everyday life, which were extremely popular with tourists at the time of their creation, and remain highly collectible today.

Traveling and creating hundreds of paintings, William Walker is one of the rare artists to make a living from his artistic endeavors during his lifetime. When Currier and Ives published several lithographs of his paintings, including plantation workers and cityscapes of Charleston and New Orleans, his place as the foremost chronicler of the post-Civil War South was cemented. Artist William Walker's genre paintings include rural cabin scenes, sharecropper portraits, and portrayals of cotton plantation life, and are much sought after by collectors, who find all kinds of vintage genre paintings for sale at Invaluable.
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