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Artist Kent Wallis' story is one of inspiration, dedication, and pursuing a dream. Born in Utah in 1945, he lived his early life as an ordinary man, receiving his Master's degree in Business and taking a job in finance. However, the desire to create drove him to walk away from his career and open an art supply store so he could spend his time doing what he loved, and thus, the artist Kent Wallis was born.

Kent Wallis' paintings reflect a romantic realism and intensity. His natural instinct to see the beauty in everyday things gives Kent Wallis' prints and paintings a calming feeling of joy. As an artist, Kent Wallis won numerous awards and went on to become an influential member of the Society of American Impressionists. Find collectible oil paintings at Invaluable, with original works available from any movement, from Pop Art and Impressionism to Realism and Romanticism.
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