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Sold at Auction: Andy Warhol

Alias:Andrew Warhola


When artist Andy Warhol began painting commercial products, the result was a new art based not on nature or history, but rather popular culture, and thus Pop Art was born. Warhol's showing of his iconic Campbell's Soup Cans in 1962 consisted of 32 nearly identical canvases installed in a precise grid to better imply a grocery shelf grouping. The boldness of Andy Warhol's paintings created a stir in the art world, as did Warhol's distinct avant-garde lifestyle.

Artist Andy Warhol was famous for being fascinated by fame, and few works exemplify this more than his silk-screened images of Marilyn Monroe. Displayed together, these images created a sense of the cultural figure as a consumer item. It's fitting then that Orange Marilyn, an Andy Warhol painting worth $17.3 million at auction, once was his most valuable work. Bring conversation starters into your home with other vintage portrait prints for sale online.
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