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Born in 1958, artist Bill Watterson attended Kenyon College where his drawings for the college paper led to a job at the Cincinnati Post. Inspired by comic greats Charles Schultz and Walt Kelly, illustrator Bill Watterson created the world-famous comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. Less than a year after its debut, the comic strip was accepted by the Universal Press Syndicate, eventually publishing in 250 newspapers.

In 1986, artist Bill Watterson won the Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year. The comic strip garnered a large fan base, but Watterson refused to option his characters out for merchandising. He even turned down creative talks with directors Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. This adamant refusal has made Bill Watterson figural drawings highly sought after by fans of his artwork. Purchase artistic renderings from your favorite cartoonists by browsing lighthearted figural drawings online, and bring a smile to your gallery.
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