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Sold at Auction: Gerda Wegener

Alias:Gerda GottliebGerda Marie Frederikke Wegener


Born in 1886, Gerda Wegener was a fashion designer and painter. She studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and worked as a fashion illustrator for magazines such as Vogue. Many of Gerda Wegener's prints in the Art Deco style were used as modish images in these publications. A scandal erupted when people discovered that the model used for Gerda Wegener's paintings was actually her husband, posing in women’s clothes. The pair resettled in Paris where Gerda’s husband transitioned and took the name Lili Elbe.

This began a new phase of Gerda Wegener's art, and she became well-known for painting lesbian erotica. Gerda Wegener's paintings of Lili were exhibited throughout France and Denmark. The scandal eventually drove Gerda and Lili apart, and Wegener died in 1940. Find other exceptional figurative paintings for sale from online vendors at Invaluable to grow a prestigious art collection.
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