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Sold at Auction: Shraga Weil

Alias:František Weil


Born in 1918 in Slovakia and was a member of "Hashomer HaZair" youth movement. Studied arts at the Arts Academy of Prague until the beginning of WWII. During the war Weil was an active member of the Hungarian resistance, mainly in forging certificates and documents.

Weil and his wife were caught and put in prison. At the end of the war Weil worked as a graphic designer of the Jewish Zionists center ("Haluzim") and in 1947 went to Israel and joined Kibbutz HaOgen.

During 1950's Weil worked as an illustrator and designer of "HaPoalim" books publishers.

In the 1960-70s he has created significant architectural projects such as the main doors of the Knesset, main door of the Israeli president house and many more. Main motives of his art are biblical subjects, Jewish tradition, life in the Kibbutz and more

Shraga Weil passed away in the age of 90 and was an active artist until he died. A large collection of his art works is available, representing different eras of his life on various art techniques.
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