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Ojibwa artist Clemence Wescoupe was born in Canada in 1951, on the Long Plain Indian Reserve, and he is a member of the Saulteaux Indian First Nation. Rainbirds, created in 1977, is the most notable Clemence Wescoupe print, and this Woodland aboriginal image is considered one of the most popular representations ever. Wescoupe's artwork focuses on the birds, animals, legends, people, and spirituality of the Ojibwa people.

Artist Clemence Wescoupe's use of white space further draws the viewers to his predominant imagery and bold lines. Clemence Wescoupe's prints for sale showcase his signature Woodland and Prairie aboriginal painting style, and they may be in the form of serigraphs or lithographs. Find the painting that calls to your spirit by browsing through sensational prints for sale online, and pick out a piece that fits into your indigenous-themed collection.
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