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Sold at Auction: Olaf Wieghorst

Alias:Olaf WieghorstOlaf Carl Heinrich WieghorstOlaf Weighorst
Horse painterPainterIllustratorSculptor


At nine, artist Olaf Wieghorst performed under the stage name, Little Olaf-The Miniature Acrobat. At 14, too tall to work under the moniker, he left the entertainment world to work on a stock farm where he honed his riding skills and started to paint. In 1918, he traveled to New York and made his way west by enlisting in the U.S. Cavalry. During this time, he continued to build his skill as a painter. Returning to New York in 1923, artist Olaf Wieghorst became a mounted policeman, rode the rodeo circuit, and sold his western paintings.

By 1942, his popularity allowed him to return west and paint full time. Olaf Wieghorst's prints and paintings include works commissioned by cowboy legends Roy Rogers and Gene Autry. Some of his artwork is displayed in the National Cowboy Hall of Fame. Discover other fascinating animal painting for sale on line and at auction.
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