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Artist Bjorn Wiinblad began life in Copenhagen in 1918. As a child, he showcased his creativity through drawings of the invented worlds of his imagination. After completing his studies at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Bjorn Wiinblad worked at a prominent ceramics studio, eventually establishing his own studio in 1952. Although ceramics was his predominant medium, Wiinblad artworks also included silver, glass, and fabric. 

As an artist, Bjorn Wiinblad broke from his Danish counterparts who focused on functionalism. Rather, Bjorn Wiinblad's artwork featured fanciful scenes or characters created with wavy lines and vibrant colors. Though his style of art flouted the artistic movement of his home country, enthusiasts around the world lauded his work for its joy and playfulness. Collectors can find inventive figural prints for sale online and at auction to add whimsy to their displays.
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