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Kehinde Wiley's paintings fuse contemporary, colorful objects and textures to depict a genre of portraits that burst upon the world. Artwork from Kehinde Wiley, particularly The World Stage series, embodies a reinterpretation of black persona images with a clear historical and sociopolitical message. His many exhibitions across the world will undoubtedly transcend through generations to come, allowing audiences of Kehinde Wiley prints to redesign themselves through his work.

Kehinde Wiley's paintings reinvent and modernize black men, telling stories of their strength and character throughout the world. His familiarity with museums during childhood and art studies at the Art Institute in San Francisco, and then Yale, enabled him to develop his self-portrait artistic process that gave life and vision to people of color. Expand your contemporary art collection with other outstanding portrait paintings on sale at auction through Invaluable.
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