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Sold at Auction: Maurice C. Wilks

Alias:Maurice Canning Wilks
Landscape painterPorträtmaler


Born in Northern Ireland in 1911, artist Maurice C. Wilksreceived his formal art training at the Belfast College of Art. At 19, he won the Dunville Scholarship. Painter Maurice C. Wilks' artwork mirrors the mountains, valleys, and bogs of Ireland. His most notable pieces are of broad landscapes featuring the rural counties of Donegal and Mayo.

Artist Maurice C. Wilks' paintings were a part of exhibitions at the Royal Academy in London, and the Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin. Oil and watercolor are the most common mediums used in Maurice C. Wilks' landscape paintings for sale. His detailed sketches and paintings of Ireland include a few scenes of Dublin Bay, created while he was exhibiting his work in Dublin. Explore distant lands by purchasing exceptional landscape paintings online at Invaluable to round out your collection.
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