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Landscape painter


British artist Albert Williams was born in 1922 in Sussex, England. His father and grandfather were his first teachers, and later he would study under artist Louis Ginnett and at the Brighton College of Art. As an artist, Albert Williams endeavored to emulate Dutch flower painters of the 17th century.

Albert Williams' paintings of flowers have a photographic realism, and each petal has lifelike detailed veins and coloring. Each flower he painted was plucked from his own garden, and he would often paint the flowers on individual canvases; he then used those paintings to create a floral arrangement on a larger canvas. Though his oil paintings of flowers became his most acclaimed, Albert Williams' artwork for sale includes some prints of circus performers and wildlife created early in his career. Find your next standout piece of art by browsing Invaluable for splendid still life paintings for sale online.
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