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Sold at Auction: Kyffin Williams

Alias:John Kyffin Williams


Sir Kyffin Williams, artist and educator, was born in 1908 on Anglesey, an island off the Wales coast. Trained at the Slade School of Art in London, he remained fiercely loyal to his Welsh heritage. His paintings capture this affinity, whether with sweeping Welsh hillsides, including quaint cottages and lively sheepdogs, or with noted Welsh citizens, in half or full-length portraiture.

Kyffin Williams' prints and paintings are in the impasto style, in which he used palette knives to apply a thick oil paste in rapid, sharp strokes for densely layered texturing. Kyffin Williams' paintings use color palettes that are true to the artist's subjects, whether muted grays and greens that reflect stormy Welsh landscapes or vibrant reds and golds that reflect the patriotism of Royal Welch Fusiliers in ceremonial dress. You can find landscape paintings for sale at Invaluable that reflect similar appealing countryside scenes.
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