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Dulcie Williams Napangardi Art for Sale at Auction

b. 1963 -

Dulcie Williams Napangardi was born at Yuendumu in 1963 and started painting in 1986.

She now lives at Yuendamu with her husband and three children.

Her husband, Peter Japaljarri Tex used to paint, however he no longer does so.

Dulcie has two sisters (same mother different father), Liza and Deidre who also paint.

They are all cousins of Eunice Napangardi a very well known and respected Aboriginal artist with whom they share the Yuparli (bush banana) dreaming.

Dulcie also paints Possum and Goanna Dreaming as well as Bush tucker dreaming’s (such as Ngaru (bush tomatoes) and Yuparli (bush banana).

Dulcie has developed a unique style with “double” dots combined with superb combinations of colours to give a wondrous depth to the paintings and her work is much sought after and valuable.

In Australia the term the Bush in general refers to the countryside, farm land and populated areas outside the main metropolitan cities.

It is used broadly to describe rural living, sparsely vegetated areas and the desert and can also be used to describe activities of a rural or country nature.

The outback is a similar term to refer to the more sparsely populated areas further from civilization and in some instances can the terms can be interchangeable.

The plants fruits and seeds that the Aboriginal women collect are referred to as Bush Tucker.

The bush banana grows in rock crevices close to the dry riverbanks. It is eaten as a fruit or used as a bush medicine as it has both nutritional and healing properties it is highly prized by the desert aboriginal women.

In the Aboriginal Art movement the women usually paint about gathering bush food or tucker, bush medicine and women's ceremonies.

The men paint about hunting for animals, finding water and tracks throughout the desert landscape and historical events not to be forgotten.

It is the historical events (Story Paintings) that are most sought after and valuable of the men's paintings.

Dulcie Williams Napangardi is a women with paintings of energy, style and story that can compete in the art world with the men and you would be lucky to own one.

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