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Sold at Auction: Robert (1941) Wilson

Alias:Robert (1941) Wilson


Robert Wilson, artist and choreographer, has garnered recognition worldwide for his avant-garde approach to his paintings and theater work. He studied with George McNeil in Paris in the 60s, and much like those of his mentor, Robert Wilson's paintings defy the boundaries of the mediums in which he works. This bold style is evident in many of Robert Wilson's oil paintings.

In 1992, he started the Watermill Center on Long Island as a haven for the support and encouragement of young and emerging artists, and Robert Wilson's paintings continue to inspire artists around the world. More recently in 2014, Wilson showcased the Lady Gaga Video Portraits at the Watermill. Despite his many artistic endeavors and busy schedule he continues to encourage young artists to think outside the box of what is considered conventional art by remaining very involved in the Center. Get yourself a striking conversation piece with contemporary oil paintings for sale at auction.
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