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Sold at Auction: Henry Winkles

Alias:H. Winkles
Architecture painterPainterWater color painter


Henry Winkles[1] (1801–1860) was an English architectural illustrator, engraver and printer, who, together with Karl Ludwig Frommel founded the first studio for steel engraving in Germany.

In 1836, with Benjamin Winkles, he produced and helped to engrave three volumes of "Winkles's architectural and picturesque illustrations of the cathedral churches of England and Wales".[2] This featured illustrators such as Hablot Knight Browne (the famous "Phiz" of Charles Dickens fame) and architect Robert Garland (1808–1863), with text (and some engraving) by Thomas Moule. These books helped to inspire the 19th century Gothic revival in architecture in Britain.
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