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French engraver and painter artist Raymond Wintz was born in Paris in 1884. The son of painter Guillaume Wintz, Raymond attended the School of Decorative Arts and the National College of Fine Arts in Paris. The first exhibit of Raymond Wintz paintings at the Salon de Artistes Francais was in 1910, where he continued to exhibit throughout his career.

Coastal and marine views of Brittany were the primary subjects of Raymond Wintz paintings. Mostly in oil, Raymond Wintz artwork depicted quaint villages by the sea or water views through open windows. His well-known painting, The Blue Door, continues to appear in print and poster. Wintz became a professor at Julien's in 1934, and taught up-and-coming artists until 1939. Capture the ambiance of peaceful waves by purchasing a mesmerizing seascape painting online to complete your gallery.
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