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After practicing psychology for twelve years, my hobby and passion of wood carving became my life's work. As a young adult hiking in the hardwoods of New Hampshire, I was fascinated by the wide variety of shapes and sizes of trees I found. The natural forms and textures lying underneath the bark of "knots" were especially intriguing. Once carved and sanded, they revealed very unusual and colorful grain patterns. Concurrently, I developed free-form carving techniques using a chainsaw (self-taught) which still allow me to effectively carve the asymmetrical shapes I collect. These naturally occurring forms have become a major aspect of my work, often the focal point of a piece. Whether the design is solely manmade or a blend of natural and designed forms, I strive for each creation to reflect a harmony between nature and me. It is the incredibly beautiful and dramatic natural textures and forms that are abundant in the canyons and mountains of the Colorado Plateau that inspire and influence my work today.
Work Synopsis

Bob Womack's wood sculpture is known for its blend of natural and designed forms, smooth as well as textured surfaces, meticulous finish, and use of colorful, unusual domestic hardwoods. When selecting the raw material, careful consideration is given to color, grain, texture, and shape. Naturally occurring phenomena -- such as bark inclusions, holes, and embedded rocks -- are incorporated into some pieces. A chainsaw and bandsaw are used to establish a rough form, and more refined carving is accomplished with a variety of smaller abrasive and carving tools. Bob's distinctive style is currently showcased in one-of-a-kind abstract forms, vessels, and bowls -- creations that reflect a harmony between sculptor and nature.
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