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Sold at Auction: Frank Wootton

Alias:Frank Anthony Albert Wootton


Artist Frank Wootton's breathtakingly detailed aviation paintings earned him an OBE in 1995 for services to the RAF. It hadn't been an easy journey as Wootton was rejected time and again by the War Artists Advisory Committee. He didn't let that stop him, and Wootton became the RAF's official artist. He covered the 1944 Normandy landings, and some of those artworks hang in the Imperial War Museum. The National Air and Space Museum in Washington held a large Wootton exhibition as its inaugural show in 1983. You can find painter Frank Wootton's landscape paintings for sale as well as his aviation and WWII posters and prints.

After the war, artist Frank Wootton renewed his love for equestrian and landscape paintings. Two of his published books are The Landscape Paintings of Frank Wootton (1989) and 50 Years of Aviation Art (1992). Spark the interest of friends and purchase exciting historical landscape paintings offered through Invaluable.
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