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Sold at Auction: George (1860) Wright

Alias:George Wright
Sport painterPainter


George Wright's paintings are filled with active sporting events, such as hunting and horse racing. This British artist was born in 1860 and worked closely with his brother, Gilbert Wright, to create calendars with equestrian training and coaching event scenes. George Wright's paintings also showcase epic hunting scenes with vivid color contrasts.

He produced work for Grand Central Galleries in New York and Ackermanns in the UK, and his paintings were exhibited at the Royal Academy of Art. He eventually retired to Sussex, where he died in 1942. George Wright prints are highly prized because they offer views of exciting and engaging sporting events frozen in time, and George Wright's artwork for sale is in great demand. Buyers interested in sporting and animal oil paintings for sale can find exactly what they're looking for at Invaluable.
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