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Sold at Auction: Andrew Wyeth

Alias:Andrew Newell Wyeth


Born in 1917, in rural Pennsylvania, Andrew Wyeth followed the path of his father, famed illustrator N.C. Wyeth, to become an artist. Wyeth received meticulous art instruction at home before debuting his work in 1936 at the Art Alliance of Philadelphia. For his prints, Andrew Wyeth used watercolor and a dry brush technique that allowed him to build delicate, interwoven layers. In later years, he adopted smoother egg tempera finishes. Subjects in the oil paintings of Andrew Wyeth are often faced away or oddly positioned, lending a surreal quality to his otherwise minutely detailed work.

An acclaimed but deeply private painter, a married Wyeth shocked the art world with the release of 240 Andrew Wyeth prints intimately depicting his neighbor Helga. Later sold as a collection, these signed Andrew Wyeth prints' value reportedly surpassed $40 million. Look for your own charming still life prints online at Invaluable and find something that expresses your personality.
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