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Sold at Auction: William Lionel Wyllie

Alias:W. L. WyllieWilliam Lionel Leonard Wyllie
Naval painterEtcherIllustratorEngraver


Artist William Wyllie was born into a family of accomplished painters and displayed an early acumen for sketching. This, coupled with childhood summers spent living on the French coast, eventually led Wyllie to become one of England's chief maritime painters. Born in London in 1851, and educated at the Heatherley School of Fine Art, Wyllie rose to prominence for his paintings and drypoint etchings of the Thames River and other European waterways.  

As a marine artist, William Wyllie departed from his predecessors by painting not just large vessels but small barges and tugs. Indeed, these prints by W L Wyllie created a trend toward realism with subsequent artists. He was a prolific artist, and upon his death in 1931, the paintings and etchings in W L Wyllie's studio numbered in the thousands. View collectible seascape prints for sale at auction or online to sail away with your next prized piece.
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