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Artist Charles Wysocki is a beloved master of the Americana Art school, whose fanciful portraits and images depict pastoral scenes, small town landscapes, and stylized animals. Working in a faux naif style and borrowing from the primitive elements of outsider art, he created classic scenes of rustic American life that are nostalgic and lovingly detailed.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Americana artist Charles Wysocki attended the Art Center in Los Angeles, California, where he studied illustration for design and advertising. He went on to found the advertising agency Group West, where he first achieved acclaim and popularity. He fell in love with the small town lifestyle after visiting the historical villages of the American East Coast. Quitting the advertising business, he began to depict these values in his original paintings, winning numerous awards and critical praise for his uniquely primitive works of Americana Art for sale. Collectors can find Americana Art online and at auction, from vintage to contemporary.
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