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Controversy, commentary, and cutting edge often define the work of artist Dustin Yellin, who usually focuses on how layers can be fashioned into something else. Well-versed in several mediums, artist Dustin Yellin produces collages that draw much attention, whether the simplicity of Red Tree or the stark visual of The Arrow and the Circle. Yellin's sculptures for sale use print and other materials to weave together stories, such as the Psychogeographies dancers featured at Lincoln Center and the Triptych installation at Sotheby's.

From the ecologically themed Ten Parts sculptures to The Riches of God's Love unto the Vessels of Mercy paintings containing the shredded remains of $10,000, there's a multitude of ways to interpret the artist's message. Eccentricity notwithstanding, there's also a philanthropic side to artist Dustin Yellin; through his Brooklyn-based non-profit Pioneer Works Center for Art and Innovation, he helps other artists realize their visions through sculpture. Buy unique contemporary sculptures and spark interest and conversation among your guests.
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