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It's no surprise that artist Hong Yi (b.1962) sharpened his skills at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in China and the Academie Minerva in The Netherlands. His art elegantly blends techniques from these schools, as well as elements from his Chinese heritage and Western European residency. From subtle shifts of color to overt ombre tones, Hong Yi's Flowerbed series and Round sets seem like actual swatches from gardens themselves. That intricate application of acrylics and rice paper also resonates through various creations.

Hong Yi's sculptures also grab attention. Red Head is alluring, while Five Elements shows how artist Hong Yi uses charcoal, bronze, acrylic resin, and other materials to make each head individually unique. Hong Yi collage pieces are exhibited all across the world, and continuously draw admirers to their contemplative themes. Collectors can check Zhuang Hong Yi prices at Invaluable for the latest information. Find vintage mixed media art for sale and showcase your quirky side.
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