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Sold at Auction: Toshi Yoshida

Alias:Yoshida Toshi


Born in 1911, artist Toshi Yoshida suffered from childhood polio meningitis that left him isolated as a child. He showed artistic talent at an early age, and being the son of the famous landscape artist, Hiroshi Yoshida, his talent was nurtured. With a 15-year gap between Toshi and his younger brother, he spent his childhood under his father's influence and tutelage. He was groomed to follow his father's style of landscape painting and woodblock printing, a style reflected in early Toshi Yoshida prints and artwork for sale. He studied at the Pacific Painting Association and traveled throughout the world on sketching trips with his father. 

Eventually, artist Toshi Yoshida began to differentiate his work from his father's by avoiding romanticism and choosing different subjects from nature. After his father's death, he explored abstract art, but returned to his unique landscapes. Explore further notable contemporary paintings online at galleries and auctions.
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