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Ukrainian-born artist Bruno Zach was a controversial sculptor of his era, and his erotic work had an impact on the early 20th century art world. Zach studied at the Vienna Academy and was taught by Hans Bitterlich and Josef Mullner. While he is most recognized for his erotic art, including Felatio, The Riding Crop, and Lady in Negligee Before a Screen, Bruno Zach's artwork also includes bronzes with differing themes, like art deco, sporting, and animal subjects such as Allegory of Time, Polo Player, and A Riding Indian.

Artist Bruno Zach, also known as Tuch, was born in 1891 and died in Vienna in 1945. His love of the nightlife in Berlin and his many interactions with prostitutes served as inspirations for much of Bruno Zach's artwork for sale. Showcase your appreciation for the human form with exciting figural sculptures at Invaluable.
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