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Sold at Auction: Doris Clare Zinkeisen

Alias:Doris ZinkeisenDoris-Clare Zinkeisen
Portrait painterLandscape painterModelleurPainter


The prolific artist and painter Doris Clare Zinkeisen was born in Scotland in 1898. In 1909, Zinkeisen enrolled at the Harrow School of Art. Upon graduation, the gifted artist won a scholarship to the Royal Academy Schools in London. Early in her career, artist Doris Clare Zinkeisen met the esteemed actor and theater manager Nigel Playfair, leading to her interest in this sphere of the arts. Zinkeisen created portraits of several actors, and she designed the scenery and costumes for Noel Coward's musical, On with the Dance. In addition to Doris Clare Zinkeisen portrait paintings for sale, her artwork often depicts the famous parks of London and Paris. Zinkeisen illustrated several commercial posters for railways and the London Underground. She was famously known for painting the murals on the luxury ocean liner, the RMS Queen Mary. Bring a piece of the rich and glamorous into your home gallery and purchase vintage portraits at auction.
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