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Sold at Auction: Francisco Zúñiga

Alias:Francisco Zúñiga ChavarriaFrancisco ZuñigaFrancisco Zúñiga
SculptorWood cutterEtcher


Artist Francisco Zuniga received his first lessons in sculpture in the workshop of his father, a religious sculptor in San Jose, Costa Rica. He became interested in pre-Hispanic work at an early age, and when in his twenties, he moved to Mexico City. He studied during the 1930s at La Esmeralda Art Institute under the tutelage of some of the most prominent artists of Mexico's rich artistic culture. He would later teach there for over three decades. Known mainly for his large sculptures of peasant women, he also produced many true-to-life paintings and lithographs of similar subjects.

During the course of his career, artist Francisco Zuniga's 35 public sculptures, along with his other works, garnered international awards. His body of work earned the Premio Nacional, Mexico's highest cultural award, in 1992. Francisco Zuniga's paintings and prints are found in museums world-wide. Buy international figural prints online or at auction.
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