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This artist has developed his art under the creation of two alter-egos, first Zush (1968–2000) and now Evru (2000-present). Sculptor, painter, digital artist, scientist and mystic, Zush-Evru has created a body of work with a very personal iconography, which feeds from European surrealism as well as the most up-to-date cyborg aesthetics. The work of Zush-Evru takes form in the most varied of ways: using traditional methods such as paper, canvas and wood, but also the most innovative of techniques, provided to us by the development of technology over recent years. Examples of this include computer-aided digitally generated works, large format digital photographs and the Tecura software program, which has been brought up to date for this occasion. Tecura is a digital painting machine that invites the spectator to create their own work of art based on the tools and images suggested by the artist.
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