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Aston Martins

The 1964 Aston Martin DB5 was driven by Sean Connery in spy thriller “Goldfinger,” made an appearance in Pierce Brosnan's “Tomorrow Never Dies,” and met an explosive end in its cameo in Daniel Craig's “Casino Royale.” Thankfully, the genuine article survived, especially since there were just 983 produced.

From its founding in 1913, Aston Martin created automobiles intended to appeal to the sporting inclinations of upper-crust English socialites who have long appreciated the brand's understated elegance and an aura of exclusivity. With prices starting at close to $120,000 and reaching nearly $300,000 and only 30,000 cars produced in its century-long history, Aston Martin’s cachet is understandable.

Despite changes that have seen the carmaker shed its homegrown ownership, thanks... Read more

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