Lot 11: 1585 Roman Missal

Sydney Rare Book Auctions

August 12, 2017
Ultimo, Australia

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Description: Missale Romanum Ex Decreto Sacrosancti Concilij Tridentini Restitutum Pii Quinti Pontificis Maximi IVSSV Editum Et Clementis VIII Auctoritate Recognitum.,, Printed in Venice in 1585 by Giunta Press. Quarto size. A modern rebinding in full leather. Its a sixteenth century book used by the priest to say Mass. Its a Latin Missal approved by the Council of Trent (1545 -1563). There are hundreds of woodcut illustrations including one full page. Most of the woodcuts measure 9 x 6 cms Also much musical annotation and hundreds of illustrated woodcut initials. The book lacks about 25 pages and a couple of pages with pieces cut out and a few more defective pages. Despitre these defects its an attractively printed book with lots of red and black printing. Its printed on rag paper and has large type. Its a joy to handle and has no doubt been handled by many Catholic priests over the years
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