Lot 199: 1777, Revolutionary War, Manuscript Document

Early American

December 10, 2016
Rancho Santa Fe, CA, US

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Description: American Revolution
New York Revolutionary War Home Guard Is Organized
July 10, 1777, Revolutionary War Dated Manuscript Document, Organizing an Informal Home Guard to Defend the Districts of Coxsackie and Great Imbought, Rare, About Fine.
In this important handwritten document, signed by Philip Conine as chairman for the committee, the citizens of Coxsackie and Great Imbought have organized an informal home guard to protect the area, because all the able-bodied men were already serving in the militia.

This 1 page 12.5" x 7.5" document is in nice condition, easily readable, with damp staining at the top, burned areas in the bottom margin (not affecting the content), a .5" tear in the top margin, and old repairs on the back. This document reads, in part:

"Whereas on the requisition of General Schuyler the militia of the districts of Coxsackie and the Great Imbought are called to actual service by reason whereof the committees of the said districts do suppose the greatest part of the inhabitants of the said districts will be from home and none remaining but those not enrolled and otherwise exempted from militia service which said persons may and by the said committees are supposed willing to do for the public good and safety all what may be in their power ... have thought proper to appoint in each beat of the said districts one discreet person to take the command and management of the same under the direction ... if present during the absence of the militia in case of any insurrection or other disturbance which may happen- Resolved that Robert Van Den Bergh be the person to take the command in the first beat, that Arent Van Schack be the person in the second beat, that Henry Oouthaudt be the person in the third beat, that Ghosen Van Bergen be the person in the fourth heat, and that Chosen Van Schack be the person in the fifth beat or company- Resolved further that the aforesaid persons and hereby are required as soon as possible to cause all such persons not enrolled and exempted from militia service by age or otherwise as aforesaid in each different to be warned to hold themselves in readiness, provided with arms and accoutrements to repair to such place of rendezvous as the aforesaid persons in each beat shall appoint to quell all insurrections and other disturbances that may happen during the absence of the militia that in ease of any alarms insurrection or other disturbance the persons above appointed do call or cause to be called the Chairman of Coxsackie District for such ammunition as may be wanted and that they also do acquaint the inhabitants that ammunition in such case will be provided for them."

The docketing on the back indicates that this document was "For Mr. Robert Van Den Bergh," and it must have been retained in his personal files. An unusual and rare Revolutionary War document, showing that local communities had to defend themselves when the militia was called away.
Philip Conine was a member of the Albany County Committee of Safety, and a Lieutenant in Colonel James Clinton's 3rd Regiment.
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