Lot 437: 1868 IMPEACHMENT OF THE PRESIDENT ANDREW JOHNSON Admission Ticket Display Lot

Early American

October 29, 2016
Rancho Santa Fe, CA, US

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Description: Political
1868 Senate IMPEACHMENT of PRESIDENT ANDREW JOHNSON Eighteen Dates Great Admission Ticket Display
1868 ANDREW JOHNSON United States Senate IMPEACHMENT OF THE PRESIDENT "Gallery" Admission Ticket Display of Eighteen (18) Different Dated Tickets, Overall Very Fine.
This wonderful, fully original U.S. Senate Admission Ticket Presentation Display measures to an overall size of 23.5" x 37" tall, nicely displayed being attached on to a light gray central mat board with a deeper gray measures decorative outer mat border being ready for framing and display. Each of the 18 individual U.S. Senate official Admission Tickets are printed on a heavy card stock, measures about 5" long x 3" tall when the ticket is complete (including having its left side stub present). They are printed in different colors so as to define and identify, easily recognizable ticket color "code" for each different days admission to the Senate Gallery proceedings. Without the stub present each Ticket measures about 3.5" long x 3" tall. This attractive display has a central vintage Engraved Portrait of President Andrew Johnson, by H.W. Smith at center, Johnson's large signature in facsimile shown printed below. These Tickets were printed by Philp & Solomons of Washington, D.C. The text and border designs are printed in either black or a color ink and reads:

"U. S. Senate - Impeachment of the President - Admit the bearer - May 18th, 1868 - Gallery"

Each is signed in print by the Sergeant at Arms, George F. Brown. All but one have "GALLERY" printed at an angle in the lower left corner area, whereas one ticket, dated March 13, 1868 has it stamped in large red text across its center.

This historic display of Impeachment Admission Tickets for the Trial of President Andrew Johnson different date proceedings in the Senate Chamber is ready for presentation. A colorful and nicely organized quality display of these very important reminders of the monumental American political event including 18 different dated Impeachment Tickets!
President Andrew Johnson clashed repeatedly with the Republican-controlled Congress over reconstruction of the defeated South. Johnson vetoed legislation that Congress passed to protect the rights of those who had been freed from slavery. This clash culminated in the House of Representatives voting, on February 24, 1868, to impeach the president.

On March 5, the trial began in the Senate, where Republicans held more seats than the two-thirds majority required to remove Johnson from office. When the trial concluded on March 16, however, the president had won acquittal, not because a majority of senators supported his policies but because a sufficient minority wished to protect the office of president and preserve the constitutional balance of powers.

On April 20 the President's attorney's concluded the presentation of their case for the defense and on April 22 Closing arguments began.

On May 6th closing arguments by the defense attorneys were concluded and the first vote on the Articles of Impeachment was scheduled for May 12th (later postponed to May 16th). When the roll was called on May 16th, 1868 no one was quite sure how the final tally would come out. There were 35 solid votes for impeachment and 18 for acquittal (a 2/3 majority or 36 votes were necessary for a conviction) but a young Radical Republican Senator from Kansas named Edmund G. Ross refused to say how he would vote on the Articles of Impeachment.

Despite monumental pressure from fellow Radicals prior to the first vote, and dire warnings that a vote for acquittal would end his political career, Ross stood up at the appropriate moment and quietly announced "Not Guilty" effectively ending the impeachment trial.
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