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Julius (1825) Exner (1825 - 1910)

Lot 1: 19th Century Print Johann Julius Exner

Vintage Roadshow

July 24, 2004
Newport Beach, CA, US

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19th Century Print- Titled "En Amager Idyl" by Artist Johann Julius Exner (Danish, active 19th Century, 1825-1910). Image of young Danish child giving a rose to an elderly gentleman seated on a bench with on looking mother and baby . There is evidence of acid and water damage to the piece, and an ovious overall acid burn where and old mat was removed. There is a 1/2" tear in upper mid-section of image and edges are tattered. In original wood carved pineapple theme frame. Frame cracked throughout and has several pieces missing as well as missing finish to many places. Print measures approximately 23"H x 24"W. The frame measures approximately 27" H x 26" W. Both need restoration.

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Art, Antiques, Collectibles

Vintage Roadshow
July 24, 2004, 12:00 AM EST

Newport Beach, CA, US