Lot 1: 93. In Memory of 93 Polish Jewish Girls who Chose to Die and not Profane Themselves. Tel Aviv, [1943].

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January 15, 2013
Jerusalem, Israel

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Description: In memory of our 93 sisters in Poland who chose to die holy.' Tel Aviv, 'The committee to protect the dignity of the daughters of Israel''. Tel Aviv, 1943.[2], 31, [3] pages. 17 cm. Jacket title page. Refers to 93 girls from the Krakow Bais Yaakov who committed suicide [on the 13th of Av, 1942] before the Nazis could touch them. Recounts the story with testimony.Includes articles and speeches from various personalities, in addition to notes from 9 newspapers. On the left jacket: K-l Malei Rachamim. A booklet titled 'Kiddush Hashem' was published later, apparently by Meir Sharansky, Tel Aviv 1947. Only edition. Very rare.
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