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Lot 220: A copper diving helmet by C.E. Heinke, mid-Nineteeth century, the hand-beaten non-recessed twelve

Est: $8,250 USD - $11,550 USDSold:
Christie'sNovember 06, 1997London, United Kingdom

Item Overview


bolt helmet with three face-plates (one removable), adjustabe sde-v-alve with a futher rblanked- off valve input to right of air intake, (this example has no non-return valve) ; the copper breast plate with a brass, non-adjustable pepper-pot valve to front, the rim surrounded by brass clamp bars stamped with the makers name and numbered for the correct mounting order, with butterfly locking nuts -- 181/2in. (47.5cm.) high old dents and wear ; together with a brass butterfly nut tightener, all contained within a Siebe Gorman trunk (later).

Artist or Maker

Auction Details


November 06, 1997, 12:00 AM EST

85 Old Brompton Road, London, LDN, SW7 3LD, UK