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Lot 138: A Cow Group by Johann Huggler

Est: €1,000 EUR - €1,500 EURSold:
AntikvityJune 19, 2021Prague 2, Czech Republic

Item Overview


A Cow Group by Johann Huggler
Lime, finely carved and patinated. Group comprising a bull and a cow. On a shaped oval rustic pattern base. Signed "J.Huggler, Brienz". Johann Huggler (1834-1913). Brienz, late 19th century, length 43 cm. Condition 2

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All items will be exhibited in our auction house (Antikvity Praha, s.r.o., Vysehradska 2, Prague 2)

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35th Auction - Used and Antique Weapons, Old Technics and Applied Arts

June 19, 2021, 02:00 PM CET

Vysehradska 2, Prague 2, Czech Republic, 12800, CZ


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7) If, within 30 days of the closure of the auction, the bidder presents a written statement from a court-appointed expert, stating the auction number of the item and the date of auction, which claims that the auctioned item is a fake, or provides proof that the item has concealed defects which could not be detected during a routine inspection, or if it is found that the depiction or description of an item give a misleading idea of the condition of the item, Antikvity Praha s.r.o. will withdraw from the auction of the item in question and will refund all the money paid by the bidder for the item, provided that the bidder returns the item in the same condition it was in on the day of the auction.

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Shipping Terms

Auction House will ship, at Buyer's expense

Shipping Terms

Auction House will ship, at Buyer's expense

Shipping Terms

Auction House will ship, at Buyer's expense

Shipping Terms

Auction House will ship, at Buyer's expense

Payment terms for Slovakian and Clients

For clients in Slovakia and the Czech Republic goods may be sent cash on delivery or can be delivered by post or courier service once the appropriate sum, including postage and packing, has been transferred to our account.