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Lot 649: A steel Baume et Mercier Ultra Slim wristwatch

Est: €200 EUR - €300 EURSold:
Ostantix AuctionsJune 13, 2024Oostende, Belgium

Item Overview


A steel Baume et Mercier Ultra Slim wristwatch

Working condition, but have been out of maintenance for a long time.

Payment & Shipping


Accepted forms of payment: American Express, MasterCard, Paypal, Visa, Wire Transfer


Ostantix does not provide shipping themselves, please contact one of the following organizations to organize your shipping. https://ostantix-auctions.com/shipping/

Auction Details

Day 2: Pocketwatches - Watches

Ostantix Auctions
June 13, 2024, 10:00 AM CET

Torhoutsesteenweg 553, Oostende, West-Vlaanderen, 8400, BE


Buyer's Premium


Bidding Increments


Conditions of Sales

1. The auction is organised by:
Ostantix Auctions BV
Torhoutsesteenweg 553 - 8400 Oostende - Belgium
BTW: BE 0795.478.687
Phone Kenneth: +32 (0) 498 22 92 21
Phone Glenn: +32 (0) 494 26 21 47
2. Email Info: [email protected]
Email Support: [email protected]
Email Accounting: [email protected]
3. The auction takes place by auction according to the usual conditions in Belgium.
4. Payment is expected no later than the fifth working day after the last auction day. Due to Article 10 of the Anti-Money Laundering Act, amounts from € 3,000 may only be paid either by cheque, credit card or by bank transfer to our account.
5. Bidding follows these steps:
o 0-200 Euro: + 10 Euro
o 200-500 Euro: + 25 Euro
o 500-1000 Euro: + 50 Euro
o 1000-2000 Euro: + 100 Euro
o 2000-5000 Euro: + 200 Euro
o 5000-10000 Euro: + 500 Euro
o 10000-20000 Euro: + 1000 Euro
o + 50000 Euro: + 5000 Euro

Deviations from this are only possible after decision by the auctioneer. There is no appeal against this. If a written bid ignores these terms, it is rounded to the nearest exact bid amount, rounding up. This means that a bid from 1540 Euro to 1500 is reduced, and a bid from 1550 Euro is reduced to 1600.

6. NA
7. The goods are sold in the condition in which they are at the time of the surcharge.
8. All information, whether in writing, digitally or orally provided by us, is purely informative and not binding. They are only an opinion and are provided to the best of our knowledge and conscience. The buyer is assumed to personally verify the condition, nature, date, in short, the overall condition of the goods during the exhibition days. On request, all facilities for further expertise are provided. Therefore, after the surcharge, no complaint will be accepted in connection with condition, nature, description in the catalog, date, etc., nor will the buyer be able to invoke his relationship of trust with the auction house.
9. Customers buyers should consider possible visual deviations in the photos displayed on screens, printed matter and other media. We strive to convey as realistic a picture as possible. Nevertheless, deviations occur due to differences in contrast, brightness, saturation and type of screen or degree of gloss, light incidence and ambient colors. Colors and color description have to do with individual perception and no rights can be derived from this. Lens distortion is also possible. Returns on color deviations and lens distortion can therefore not be accepted.
10. If an interested party damages a property to be auctioned, he must make this known. Failure to do so may give rise to legal proceedings. If the auctioneer deems it necessary, the person will be required to pay compensation in the amount of the high estimate, plus 27.5%.
11. After the surcharge, everyone is responsible for their own property. No goods will be handed out to buyers during the auction. This is not always possible on the day of the auction itself.
12. Every buyer must identify himself correctly. A bid number can be obtained during the viewing days and before the auction. During the auction you can contact the secretariat. However, we strongly recommend that you provide yourself with a buyer number in a timely manner to avoid delays during the auction. The identification includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the retention of a copy of the identity document and personal data. We handle this discreetly and do not pass this information on to third parties. They can be viewed and adjusted at your request, as well as removed from our database.
13. One is supposed to buy at one's own expense. In the event of non-payment of the goods assigned to him/her, one cannot rely on a client. The making of an offer is binding.
14. In the event of a dispute, during the auction, of any kind, only the working bailiff / notary is authorized to settle the disputes immediately and this in the last instance and without recourse.
15. For original art, of which the author is either a living artist (from the E.U.) or for 70 years after the year of his/her death, a resale right is payable on the hammer price from € 2,000.
o 4% of the part of the sale price from € 2000 to € 50000
o 3% of the part of the sale price from € 50000,01 up to and including € 200000
o 1% of the part of the sale price from € 200000,01 up to and including € 350000
o 0.5% of the part of the sale price from € 350000,01 up to and including € 500000
o 0.25% of the part of the sale price above € 500000
However, the maximum amount of the right may not exceed € 12500. Even if this amount is not collected when the invoice is issued, the customer may still be obliged to pay this amount for 5 years following in order to comply with the resale right. All information about resale rights in Belgium can be found on www.resaleright.be.
16. Collection of goods can be done in the auction room at the pick-up times indicated in the room and on the website. These are also indicated in the catalogue and can also be requested. Goods that are not collected within 14 calendar days after the auction date are subject to a storage fee of 1.50 Euro per item per day, even if payment has been made. This cannot be waived, unless the buyer contacts us to agree on an exact date for collection, within a period deemed reasonable by us, and we expressly agree to waive the storage costs. Goods will be released as soon as their payment is effective, either in cash, by card, or after collection into our account. We accept the following payment methods:

Cash (for amounts up to €3,000)
By bank transfer (bank transfer fees are borne by the buyer) on account.:
IBAN: BE98 7370 6709 9993
Ostantix Auctions BVAdres beneficiary: Torhoutsesteenweg 553, 8400 Ostend, BelgiumBank: KBC Bank
Bank Bank address: Martkstraat 18, 8620 Nieuwpoort, Belgium

By payment card in the room, in the presence of the cardholder. By payment card online.
17. Payment is expected no later than the fifth working day after the last auction day. On invoices that are not paid within 30 calendar days after the auction date, the following default interest and costs will be calculated: On day 31: Administrative cost of 25 Euro per lot plus 1.5% of the total invoice amount. For every 14 calendar days following, an additional default interest of 1.5% of the total invoice amount will be calculated.
18. Your goods can, as far as possible, also be packed and shipped by us. We can give a non-binding estimate of the cost before the auction. The exact cost price for packaging and shipping will be indicated to you after payment of the lot or can be attached to your invoice on request. The order of packaging/shipment is the same as the order of payment. We work together with various companies: De Post, Post.NL (TNT) and DHL/Fedex/UPS. When using a courier service (DHL/Fedex/UPS), only the cost price for packaging will be charged and you must provide the collection by the courier service yourself. This service is offered to you by us as an additional service, but all risks associated with this remain at the expense of the buyer. Even when insurance has been taken out, it does not intervene in all cases. When this intervenes, the full purchase amount is not always covered. We will do what we can to assist you but cannot be held liable for any losses associated with this.
19. Both Belgian and foreign bidders can bid by telephone, online or by means of a written bid. We cannot guarantee that the connection by telephone or online bidding option is always perfect and therefore recommend that you also have a written offer recorded, so that you do not suffer any disadvantage in the event of abuse. You can also book a telephone line without obligation while still bidding online, so as not to take any risks. Foreign buyers must disclose their full identity to us no later than 24 hours before the auction. If necessary, a bank guarantee will be requested via a banking institution approved in Belgium or a deposit to be paid, for which you will be contacted. The amount of the guarantee or guarantee is determined in consultation with the auctioneer. The bank guarantee or the deposit paid is used as collateral in the event of bereavement. The guarantee will be refunded if no lots have been allocated to the relevant bidder. The auctioneer cannot be held responsible for any poor internet and/or telephone connections and all the resulting consequences and, nor for the inaccessibility of the buyers via telephone number(s) provided by them.
20. Traders are obliged to identify themselves as such and to provide their coordinates upon receipt of the buyer number.
21. In the case of bereavement, the property will be relisted in a later auction. The funeral buyer will be liable in the event of a minus income, according to Belgian law, for the difference in minus + all costs resulting from the funeral purchase. If the good achieves a higher amount than the original surcharge price, he/she will not be able to claim any rights to the positive difference. By making his/her offer, the buyer/buyer accepts without reservation the above-mentioned terms and conditions of sale.
22. Each buyer is expected to know and respect the customs regulations for his or her country. The auction house cannot be held responsible for any export problems.
23. Every buyer and seller is deemed to be aware of the current regulations regarding the sale and/or exhibition of goods covered by CITES regulation. This may be the case for, but is not limited to, ivory, rhino horn, bone, animal material, taxidermy, minerals, but also works of art that partly consist of such material. The auction house declines any responsibility regarding any seizure, destruction or sanction, the responsibility for this lies 100% with the contributor-seller or bidder-buyer.
24. By entering the auction room and/or making a written offer, telephone bid or online bid both with us and with one of our partners, you agree to these terms and conditions.
25. The auction house reserves the right to refuse bidders or only allow them to pay a deposit. The deposit paid will be deducted in full of the final invoice, or refunded free of charge on the first working day after the auction.
26. All buyers and sellers are deemed to have taken note of these terms and conditions.
27. In all disputes of any kind, only Belgian law applies and only the Court of Bruges is competent.

Shipping Terms

Ostantix does not provide shipping themselves, please contact one of the following organizations to organize your shipping. https://ostantix-auctions.com/shipping/

Shipping Terms

Ostantix does not provide shipping themselves, please contact one of the following organizations to organize your shipping. https://ostantix-auctions.com/shipping/