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Hans von Aachen (1552 - 1615)

Lot 563: AACHEN Hans von - follower (1552 Cologne - 4. 3.

European Arts

May 27, 2007
Prague, Czech Republic

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AACHEN Hans von - follower (1552 Cologne - 4. 3. 1615 Prague) Madonna and Child Oil on a copper plate, 21 x 15,5 cm, framed, glazed, undated [turn of the 16th century], unsigned, appraised by PhDr. Fucikova, provided with a laboratory report by D. Pechova. This lot is a fine work stemming from the tradition of the Rudolphine Prague painting. The painting depicts the Blessed Virgin Mary with Infant Jesus accompanied by the figure of Joseph and two angels at the top right side. The Virgin looks at the viewer and thus draws the viewer's attention to the importance of the sacral scene. Joseph is buried in contemplation or prayer. The Infant Jesus is watching the angel carrying the cross and referring to Christ's future. The painting shows masterful brushwork and is rendered in vivid colours. German painter, from 1592 he worked at the royal court of Emperor Rudolph II and after his death he worked for King Matthias. His portraits reflect the influence of Flemish painting and his paintings of mythological themes represent the international late Mannerist style. See T 1/5, TD 13, B 1/1, NECVU 1/15.

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