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October 27, 2016
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Description: ADELAIDE PANDIANI MARAINI, A FINE AND IMPORTANT ITALIAN MARBLE, PAMONA EMBRACING A HERM OF VERTUMNE circa 1895, inscribed ADELAIDE MARAINI/ROMA, set upon a granite plinth with bronze title plaque inscribed POMONA and VERTUMNE, Goddess of Flowers and God of Gardens by Adelade Maraini Roma, the nude goddess with tightly curled carved hair, lustfully engages a male-headed term figure, representing the god and carved with bountiful ivy. Height Overall: 84 in. (213 cm) Height of pedestal 33 1/2 in., Width of pedestal 33 3/4 in. Adelaide Pandiani Maraini, (1843-1917), was born in Milan, Italy, into a family of sculptors, her father, Giuseppe, initially provided inspiration and early artistic training. Her studies continued In Florence under the direction of Lorenzo Bartolini and Giovanni Duprè, both renowned sculptors. Maraini’s highly acclaimed marble, “Sappho”, a contemporary rendition of an earlier work titled "Sappho", by her teacher Giovanni Dupre, now forms part of collection in The National Museum of Modern Art, Rome. Adelaide's "Sappho" was unveiled and exhibited at the 1878 Paris Exposition Universelle; displayed in the Salone Italiana, "Sappho" was one of the most admired works of art exhibited. Stunning, albeit small, "Sappho" takes it's name from Plato's tenth muse, a Greek lyrical poet, who according to legend, inspired Athenian historian Solon to learn one of her songs, so he could sing before dying. Two marble sculptures by Adelaide Maraini hold prominent positions in Italian Collections, the first, titled “The Salummite Woman” presently stands in the atrium of the Palazzo Civico in central Rome, the second, her “Te Precor" ,is presently housed amongst other significant works of art in Rome's Neoclassical Civic Museum. The artist’s wide acclaim should be of no surprise since her father, uncle and cousin were all renowned sculptors, a ‘family tree sculpted in stone'.
Condition Report: Condition very good, but for minor surface abrasions.
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