Alex Voinea

Lot 7A: Alex Voinea - av_325

Accessible Art Fair

November 3, 2016
Brussels, Belgium

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Description: Alex’s work is composed of large brushstrokes, both striking and strident, loosely swept over the canvas, creating a sense of movement and laden with saturated colors. The artist seeks to evoke the fluidity of painting captured in a moment in time. His inspiration is based in experiments with liquid paint over vibrating surfaces, such as speakers, which create a dance of colors and textures.

Artist statement: “While I always wanted to be an artist, I was born in a place and time that was oppressive and dark. After participating in the revolution which overthrew the dictatorship, I found a way to leave Romania and discovered a new world where I had the freedom to express myself and to let loose the images that had always been in my head. I discovered great artists that inspired me and my work transformed from grey to vibrant colors that dance on the canvas. I now play with painting and imaginary explosions of color which I try to capture first in my mind and later on the canvas. Painting this way is intense; it creates a synergy between the artist and the work.”
Dimensions: 73 x 54 cm
Artist or Maker: Alex Voinea
Medium: acrylic on canvas
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