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Amédée Ozenfant (1886 - 1966)

Lot 353: Amédée Ozenfant , 1886-1966 Nature morte à la bouteille Pastel on paper


November 8, 2007
New York, NY, US

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Executed circa 1924. Signed ozenfant (lower left) Pastel on paper


measurements 12 7/8 by 9 1/8 in. alternate measurements 32.7 by 23.2 cm


Rivière Collection
Sale: Briest Scp, Paris, June 22, 1994, lot 58


Initially drawn to the artistic solutions of Cubism, Ozenfant became dissatisfied with the direction of art after 1915 and collaborated with the artist and architect, Le Corbusier, to publish Après le Cubisme in 1918. The publication outlined the tenets of the new artistic form of Purism which derived its basis from the deconstructive elements of cubism and introduced a machinist aesthetic. Ozenfant and Le Corbusier worked closely together through the 1920s and their oeuvres from these years reveal an intriguing artistic dialogue, culminating in the design by le Corbusier of Ozenfant's home and studio in 1923 (see fig. 1). Nature morte à la bouteille is an iconic example of these Purist ideologies. Ozenfant reduces the elements in his still-life to their purest geometric forms and simplifies his palette to a defined range. He employs the historically significant subject of still-lifes and challenges prior interpretation. By the late 1920s, Ozenfant would turn to large-scale figurative murals but it is these still-life compositions from the height of Purism that remain the highlights of his oeuvre. Fig. 1 The artist's studio in Paris, designed by Le Corbusier

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