Lot 3: American Ballet.

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October 7, 2004
New York, NY, US

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Description: Lithograph, 16 1/4x21 inches oblong. Signed by Hirschfeld and numbered 14 8/250 in pencil, lower margin. 1980.
Alexander Godunov, Martine Von Hamel, Anthony Dowell, Natalia Makarova, Fernando Bujones, and Cynthia Gregory.
"I had a lot more fun than usual doing this one. As I look at the visual motif now, the dancers look like treble clefs almost, or like musical instruments in the way they blend together. The sweeping line works beautifully in this drawing. Ballet, of course, has a lot of that boundless energy, that flying around the stage, that I like so much. In fact the ground is only hinted at here with that one thin bending line - or maybe its a horizon line, and who knows how high up in the air they might be cavorting about." HOL/247
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