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Amy Nimr (b. 1898)

Lot 647: Amy Nimir (later Lady Smart) act 1925-1949-


June 8, 2010
West Norwood, United Kingdom

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Amy Nimir (later Lady Smart) act 1925-1949- "Mother and Child", 1937; pen and brown-black ink and wash, signed, 46.5x30cm. Provenance: Amy Nimir studied fine arts at the Slade in London and visited Paris and Rome. Her first exhibition dates from 1925, her painting already showing a deep "oriental influence," according to Azar, who also comments on her painting Barques (Boats), seeing in it the achievement of the artist's maturity. " Barques" he wrote, "[infused] with the solidity of a grey light softly tinted with pale intimations, holds us in a tranquility born from submission to fate. Alas, we owe this resigned philosophy to a cruel loss that befell this artist, and which has kept her silent for a several years." In 1932, Amy Nimr married Englishman Walter Smart, who was then Oriental Secretary at the British Residency and a well-known figure in Cairo's salons.

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June 8, 2010, 11:00 AM GMT

West Norwood, United Kingdom

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