Lot 88: An important and large armorial plate in blu and white porcelain of the Portuguese Indian Companies

Czerny's International Auction House

October 22, 2016
Sarzana (SP), Italy

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Description: dating: Kangxi (1662-1722)
provenance: China
Beautifully painted, featuring a medal enclosing at the inside a flower surrounded by two bands with concentric leaves, one on the medal and the other on the border, featuring an emblem belonging to the famous Italian Ginori family; the very fine border is moulded as a step; the base is on a wide, ring-shaped foot and features an underglaze mark shaped as a lingzhi mushroom painted in blue at the inside of a double circle. Small chips on the border.In the past, the emblem was attributed to the Caldeira Family (Castro 1987), particularly the emblem given to Andrè Caldeira in 1599, but today, thanks to some documents owned by the descendants of Ginorisi family, is attributed to the famous Florentine family. The embles of the two families are very similar, Castro mentions the Ginory Family and underlines the similarity of the two shields. The decoration has the style of the pieces made for the Portoguese market - this service was indeed ordered by Lorenzo Ginori when he was in Portugal. The armorial, white and blue plate of Coelho mentioned at the end of the notes family proves this similarity.
See an identical dish with a stem attributed to Ginori Family sold at Christie's, SALE 6587 – CHINESE CERAMICS, EXPORT CERAMICS & WORKSOF ART; 18 June 2002, London, King Street; lot. 339.
See also a similar but smaller plate and featuring the same emblem at the center sold at Christie's, SALE 6731 – CHINESE CERAMICS AND WORKS OF ART, INCLUDING EXPORT ART; 17 June 2003, London, King Street; lot. 219.
See also the smaller dish with the emblem at the center sold by Bonhams, ASTA 10780: EXPORT AND DECORATIVE ART OF THE CHINA TRADE; 9 March 2004, London, New Bond Street; lot. 21.
See also the catalogue 'Hit & Myth”, Cohen & Cohen; pag. 108 – 109, exhibited in London, St Jame's, 67 Jermyn Street, 30 October– 8 november 2014 containing a similar, smaller plate featuring the same emblem painted at the center and not at the border.
See also 'A Porcellana Chinesa e os Brasoes do Imperio”, Nuno de Castro, 1987; pag. 43.
A smaller plate featuring a similar decoration but with the Coelho family emblem at the center was sold at Bonhams, AUCTION 10430: THE DU BOULAY COLLECTION OF CHINESE CERAMICS; 10 November 2003, London, New Bond Street; lot. 29.
dimensions: diameter 33 cm.
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