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Lot 176: An interesting miquelet lock pistol

Est: €700 EUR - €1,000 EURSold:
Czerny's International Auction HouseMarch 21, 2024Sarzana (SP), Italy

Item Overview


dating: circa 1800 provenance: Turkey, Smoothbore, two-stage, 16 mm cal. barrel, octagonal at the first part and decorated with ribs, then round; smooth tang with sight. Lightly decorated Morlach lock. Wooden full stock (small missing and damaged parts) with silver mounts, backstrap, trigger guard, counterplate and pommel decorated with oblique bands, the two barrel brackets decorated en suite, the one at the nozzle also with floral motifs. Remains of gilding. Some round, brass and nieloed inlays. length 53 cm.

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Rare and Fine Antique Arms & Armour from Around the World

Czerny's International Auction House
March 21, 2024, 02:00 PM CET

Piazza V. Veneto, 17 - 19, Sarzana (SP), 19038, IT


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