Lot 754: Ancient Coins from Various Properties

Dix Noonan Webb

March 14, 2018
London, United Kingdom

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Description: ANCIENT COINS, Greek Coinages, Bruttium, Kroton, Stater, c. 420-376, eagle with spread wings and head raised standing on olive-branch, rev. tripod, kpo on left, Δ on right, 7.66g (SNG ANS 361, same obv. die; HN Italy 2172). Very fine, toned

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Provenance: Provenance: CNG Triton VII Auction (New York), 13 January 2004, lot 35
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Coins & Historical Medals - Day 2

Dix Noonan Webb
March 14, 2018, 11:00 AM GMT

London, United Kingdom